Rebecca George is a Melbourne based textile artist, exploring the connections between the patterns found in nature, in mathematics and in crochet stitches.

Rebecca studied Chemical Engineering and has been working in related fields since she was 18 years old. She has been crocheting since she was 6. She was never keen on following conventional crochet patterns, instead crocheting free-form to create clothing, toys or homewares. The Covid19 lockdown in Melbourne in 2020 brought an unexpected opportunity to both teach crochet online and provide time to explore crochet more creatively, using materials she already had at home.

Rebecca is inspired by the work of Daina Taimina, a Latvian mathematician who used crochet to help her and others visualise hyperic geometry. She also loves Vanessa Barrago’s tapestries, often of coral reefs, using recycled or waste materials.

Crocheting free-form allows for discovery of shapes. Mathematical shapes are interesting, from mobius strips which have a single surface and edge to hyperbolic shapes where parallel lines diverge. Many of these mathematical shapes appear in nature. All Rebecca’s experiments with shape for sculptures are made from recycled or recyclable materials.

The R > 1 series of sculptures is a visual representation of exponential growth. The R number refers to the reproduction rate of infectious diseases. Exponential growth occurs everywhere in nature: cells dividing, the shape of lettuce leaves, mice numbers or coral shapes.

Rebecca teaches crochet through SisterWorks and uses Instagram to connect and share design ideas. @yellowcamelcrochet (for crochet design and teaching) and @rebeccageorgeart (for art). She is currently an art student at the VCA (University of Melbourne).


2023 Uncommon Threads at Forty Five Downstairs

2022 Naarm Textile Collective at Assembly Point

2021 Knox Immerse at Stamford Park Homestead

2021 & 2023 Melbourne Design Fringe at Linden New Art

2021 Stitching Change at Forty Five Downstairs

2021 Heide at Home Maquette Challenge winner

R=7 Delta